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7 Ways To Open Positive Blocked Sites On Internet 2023

It is said that a closed door is better than an open one, but what if that door was literally blocked by other people? Well, you could always knock, but that may not work well if you are trying to get in touch with someone, or if you are trying to avoid distractions in a meeting. No worries, there is a way to open blocked websites, even if someone else is blocking them. It is called a proxy, and if you understand how this works you can use it to open any blocked website, including ones that are blocked by your workplace, school, or internet service provider.

Growing up, if your parents told you that you were not allowed to do something, whether it be go to a certain place or do something, you would first try to figure out a way around it. Then once you decided that you would disobey, you would think of a way to get around the rule.

The internet has changed rapidly over the last decade, and with it the way people access their favorite websites. But a side effect of this technological advancement is that more people are confronted with a growing number of blocking technologies. Although you might not realize it, you’ve probably been blocked from accessing a site via a web browser, which happens when a site is filtered.

7 Ways to Access Blocked Positive Websites on the Internet – Today’s internet users are unable to access websites available on the internet. Because websites on the internet cannot be viewed immediately in their entirety.

How to Unblock Positive Websites on the Internet

A number of webpages or websites have been discovered to be inaccessible in India. This may be because to positive internet blocking the site, or because the internet is working properly.

Sites that have been banned by the government, typically due to the material on the site, are in violation of the Indian government’s regulations. Gambling, pornographic, adult, and other banned websites are examples.

Several websites that restrict good or healthy internet may be found. The site is not inaccessible; instead, it just redirects to positive web sites. This is due to the site’s content, which is in violation of Indian internet use regulations.

But don’t worry if the site won’t open since it’s banned by healthy internet or anything similar. Because there are so many methods to access restricted websites these days. It is extremely simple to break into the positive internet, and this will be the topic of our conversation this time.

How to Unblock Positive Websites on the Internet

When you are on the Indian subcontinent, certain websites or websites on the internet are difficult to access.

Because the Ministry of Communication and Information, also known as the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, has been tasked by the government with blocking websites that have a bad odor. Sites that breach the norms of communication and information, such as pornographic, gambling, or other unlawful sites.

However, not all websites that are banned by the internet are good; other websites or sites with bad material are also blocked. Because there are many useful websites that are also banned by positive or healthy internet.

To access a site that is banned by positive internet, use the steps outlined below to disable positive internet. However, take caution while using this positive internet filter, and avoid using it to visit sites with bad content.

Never use this technique to access banned porn, gambling, adult, or other forbidden websites that the government has purposefully restricted.


1. How to use a free VPN program to get rid of negative internet

Android apps are presently extremely diversified in terms of their functions and purposes. To improve the look of a smartphone, there is the finest launcher application. There’s also the finest music player app, which you may use to listen to your favorite tunes.

If you want to learn how to access a restricted website on your Android phone, you may download a free VPN software. On the Play Store, there are a plethora of the top free VPN apps to choose from.

This time, though, we’ll utilize the VPN Proxy Master program – Free Security to go beyond the positive internet. This free VPN software is available for download from the Google Play store.

On your smartphone, first download and install the VPN Proxy Master program. Please launch the free VPN program once the installation is complete. The VPN program will then display a notice asking for access to the notification system; just click the OK button to proceed.

1629693447_231_7-Ways-To-Open-Positive-Blocked-Sites-On-Internet-2021Then, using this free VPN software, you can search for and choose the best server location for you. Please return to the main menu once your Android phone has been linked to the server, and double-check that you are connected / under the status.

1629693448_301_7-Ways-To-Open-Positive-Blocked-Sites-On-Internet-2021If your status is already linked to the server, you may access sites that positive internet blocks. This also means that you used a free VPN program to effectively break into the positive internet.

2. Using Touch VPN to Create a Positive Internet

1629693449_905_7-Ways-To-Open-Positive-Blocked-Sites-On-Internet-2021We may use the Touch VPN program in addition to the VPN Proxy Master application to access websites that are banned by the internet.

This top free VPN software is already quite popular among smartphone users. As a result, Touch VPN is one of the apps that now opens the best-blocked sites.

The following explanation will show you how to use Touch VPN.

  1. To get started, go to the Play Store and search for “Touch VPN” in the search box.
  2. After that, on your smartphone, install the Touch VPN program.
  3. If you have a free VPN app installed on your phone. On Android, you may use it immediately to open positive internet.
  4. Open the Touch VPN app on your device. Then you’ll be presented with the Connect button and the option to choose a server.
  5. Please choose a server to connect to. To create a more solid connection, choose Best Choice.
  6. After you’ve chosen a server, all you have to do now is click the Connect button.
  7. Before accessing different kinds of websites, you will be automatically routed to the proxy server.

If the status on the screen says Connected, you’ve already established a connection to Proxy. Then you’ll be able to access websites that have been banned by positive internet.

3. How to access a restricted website without using an Android app

1629693451_856_7-Ways-To-Open-Positive-Blocked-Sites-On-Internet-2021We’ve already covered how to use a VPN to access a restricted website. Then I’ll show you how to access a restricted website without using an Android app.

We don’t need any more applications at this time. Because we’ll be using a web proxy’s services. Web Proxy is a website that offers proxy services, allowing us to access restricted websites through the Proxy Web site.

There are many online portals that may be utilized, but we will choose Proxysite.com’s proxy service this time. You may find detailed instructions on how to access a restricted website without using an application in the section below.

  1. To begin, go to Proxysite.com and utilize a smartphone browser.
  2. A URL and server column will be shown on the webpage.
  3. Please jot down the web address of the site you wish to visit. Then enter the address of the server you’d want to use.
  4. After you’ve determined both, all you have to do now is press the GO button.
  5. You will be immediately redirected to previously banned websites. This time, though, the site is accessible, with no affirmative internet filtering or other restrictions.

You may also utilize proxy services from Whoer.net/webproxy in addition to Proxysite.com. This web proxy also offers proxy services, allowing you to access restricted websites without having to download any software.

The Most Up-to-Date Methods for Using Applications


As we all know, Cloudflare’s application is one of their most recent releases. This program provides a fast internet connection and also pays for sites that are banned.

Now go to the URL and look at the application

Now we’ll look at how to open a banned website in the section below.

On a PC or laptop, how can you access a restricted website?

Not everyone uses a smartphone to access the internet. Many of them connect to the internet through PCs.

There is often favorable internet on a PC or laptop, as well as from the usage of computers that complain. As a result, people are unable to access a restricted website on a computer.

1. How to use Google Chrome to access a restricted website

Teknodroid has provided instructions on how to open a banned site in Google Chrome in order to be able to access the internet on a computer.

  1. On your laptop or PC, launch the Google Chrome browser.
  2. In the top right corner of the browser, please click the vertical dot 3> More Tools> Extensions.


  • Click the Extensions option on the Extensions page (line 3 horizontal image). Then, at the bottom of the page, click Open Chrome Web Store.


  • Please enter the term “VPN Proxy” into the Chrome Web Store’s search box.
  • Then search for the Chrome addon “Free Proxy to Unblock Any Sites | Touch VPN.”
  • After that, on the right, click the ” Add To Chrome ” option.
  • If a dialog box displays, click the Add Extensions button to install the extensions in Google Chrome.1629693455_290_7-Ways-To-Open-Positive-Blocked-Sites-On-Internet-2021

If the chrome extension installation is complete, your Chrome browser now has the Touch VPN extension installed.

To use the extension, go to the top right corner and click the Touch VPN symbol, then click the “Click To Connect” button. Using the Touch VPN plugin, you may now attempt to access a site that is banned in Google Chrome.

You may access different restricted sites all around the globe with these Touch VPN addons. Because Touch VPN may get favorable access to the internet by utilizing a proxy server in another country.


2. In Mozilla Firefox, How to Remove Positive Internet

Mozilla Firefox, like Google Chrome, is one of the most popular browsers among the general population.

There are also computer users who are trapped on Mozilla’s positive internet in certain instances. So that they are unable to access a government-blocked website.

Please follow the instructions below to disable positive internet in Mozilla Firefox.

  1. First, open the Mozilla Firefox browser.
  2. Then choose the Add-on option from the line 3 icon.
  3. Please enter the term “anonymoX GmbH” in the search box.1629693458_55_7-Ways-To-Open-Positive-Blocked-Sites-On-Internet-2021
  4. Then, in the Mozilla Firefox browser, install the add-on.
  5. Before using Mozilla Firefox to access a restricted site, restart the browser.1629693459_422_7-Ways-To-Open-Positive-Blocked-Sites-On-Internet-2021
  6. If this Addon is active, an X icon will show in the top right corner of the browser.
  7. If it isn’t already active, click the X symbol, then click Active.1629693460_787_7-Ways-To-Open-Positive-Blocked-Sites-On-Internet-2021

AnonymoX is a Mozilla Firefox addon that allows you to access sites that are banned by positive internet.

This addon works by replacing the user’s current IP address with a temporary IP address from a different country. Wherever the site you wish to access is not banned in that nation.

3. Use Google DNS to open a blocked site.

DNS (Domain name system) is a computer network or internet system that holds the hostname or domain name in the form of a distributed database (distributed database).

You may also use Google DNS to establish a positive internet connection on your computer or laptop.

Google DNS is a set of digits that may be used to replace the DNS network you were previously using. Please read the instructions below on how to change the following Google DNS.

  1. To begin, go to the Control Panel and choose Network And Internet.
  2. Then choose Network and Internet Sharing from the drop-down menu.1629693462_286_7-Ways-To-Open-Positive-Blocked-Sites-On-Internet-2021
  3. Select Change Adapter Settings after that, then right-click on the Ethernet / Wireless Device option. Choose Properties.
  4. Then click the Properties button after selecting Internet Protocol Ver.4 (TCP / IPv4).1629693463_225_7-Ways-To-Open-Positive-Blocked-Sites-On-Internet-2021
  5. Then choose Use the DNS Server Addresses Below.
  6. Only then may you use Google DNS as your preferred DNS Server (code: or as an alternative DNS Server (code: (
  7. Open DNS may also be used with codes like this preferred DNS ( and alternative DNS Server ( (
  8. Then press the OK button.
  9. Then turn off the internet connection, by right-clicking on Ethernet> Disable. After a few seconds, then turn it on again by right-clicking> Enable.1629693465_586_7-Ways-To-Open-Positive-Blocked-Sites-On-Internet-2021

If you performed the instructions above properly, you should be able to access a restricted site by changing Google DNS.

You may attempt to open a banned site to see whether it’s successful or not. If it succeeds, you’ll be able to access the site without being banned by positive internet or anything else.

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Note: When using a free VPN program for surfing, it is highly advised that you avoid entering personal or financial information on any site. Because the program will read and record all of the data you enter as long as you are surfing with this android application.

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I am a positive person, but I have been blocked from some sites on the internet. Why? Because I am positive? I guess so. But, I am a computer programmer, and I have the ability to open blocked sites and start up a blog. I will go through 7 ways that you can open blocked sites.. Read more about how to unblock a website blocked by administrator and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I unblock a website in 2023?

You may unblock websites in 2023 by using a proxy or VPN.

How can I access blocked sites by unblocking websites?

There are many ways to unblock websites. You can use a VPN, proxy server, or Tor browser.

How can I open blocked sites online?

There are many ways to open blocked websites. One way is to use a proxy server, which can be done by using the browser extension HTTPS Everywhere or by downloading an app like Tor Browser. Another way is to use a VPN service, which will encrypt your traffic and allow you to access any website that may be blocked in your country.