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7 Mind-blowing Facts About Numerology You Probably Didn’t Know

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Numerology can be described neither as a method nor as a science, nor as an indication that anything depends on numbers. However, some experts in the field find a connection between numbers and life events. We could compare it to horoscope or tarot cards, as well as any other way of divination or prediction of things that will happen in life. Of course, this does not include supernatural powers and talents, but simply, there is a connection with a certain number that is somehow related to you and the things that happen to you.

Generally, it is a matter of replacing the letters of your name or something that means something to you with their numerical equivalents, and based on certain calculations, conclusions are drawn that may or may not be helpful.

Of course, this idea has its supporters, but also strong opponents. On the one hand, it is an interesting party and a way to relax or maybe you will be inspired to solve a problem. On the other hand, obsession with such pseudoscience can be really “deadly” if you overdo it.

Surely, there can be some science behind it, but some people are really into numerology and similar things, which make them feel more comfortable with their decisions. Do you want to learn more about what is numerology? Are you interested to discover some facts about it? Stay with us, we got you covered!

1. Every number or digit has a meaning

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The numbers from 1 to 9 and zero are considered as digits, and with their help, the larger numbers are written. According to numerology, each number has certain meanings that are crucial for you and can help you better understand what is happening to you at the moment and why certain things are harder than you could bear. With the help of numerology, numbers get meanings that can guide you through life and help you define your character, and recognize your flaws.

2. Ancient civilizations were practicing it

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No one can track down the origins of the numerology, but there are enough proofs that it was pretty common in Babylon, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt too, but also in India and China. These civilizations were using this method as their guidance in life, but also when they needed to make some key decision that affects the whole land.

3. It’s (not) all about math

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You can hate math and it can be your least favorite subject at school, but almost every type of pseudoscience is based on it – and numerology is all about numbers, and there are no numbers without math, so here we are, talking about it centuries later. But, understanding what’s happening beneath the numbers is more complicated than that, and many people are still questioning it, while others already use the perks of this type of “predicting” the path.

4. The life number can be calculated

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According to this pseudoscience, the date of birth and the name of the person is enough to be able to calculate the life number. Get your date of birth. For example, if you were born on August 7, 1989, then you have 8, 7, and 1 + 9 + 8 + 9, after which you get 8, 7, and 27. When you add 2 and 7, you get 8, 7, and 9, so now you have 24 or when you reduce it, it is 6. The one-digit number you get is your life path number and each has a meaning, which we will look at in the next paragraph.

5. Meanings of the numbers

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1 – This person is an individual, independent, and always wants to have control over his actions.
2 – People with this life number are emotional, sensitive, and always looking for love and partnership.
3 – Creatives, optimists, who are not afraid to face challenges.
4 – Those who respect authority, practice discipline, and are very ambitious.
5 – Adventurers who want a change for the better at all times, even when they have the best.
6 – These people are responsible, focused on long-term plans, and aim to make the world a better place for them and everyone else.
7 – They are committed to their intuition, to the imagination, and also to rationality.
8 – They know the importance of material goods, but also to help those who want to be successful.
9 – Compassionate, people who with every opportunity in life learn a new lesson and become wiser.

6. You can find out the lucky number

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A real numerologist can calculate based on your life path number and which days you are happy, which combinations of numbers, and when you can expect favorable moments for progress. They can also provide basic compatibility information with their partner. Numerous things related to numbers can be derived from your life number, so whether you believe it or not, a little hope in difficult times is never in vain. Also, note that your life path number may not be your lucky number too.

7. You have a personal number too

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It’s probably different than the life path number since you will use your name to calculate it. You simply need to take the equivalent number as in the alphabet, so you can add up the values and then do the same as for the life path number until you get to one digit. After that, you can combine the readings together with your astrology aspects. But, we will recommend you to do all these things with a professional, because the generic meanings you can find on the internet may not be completely correct for you as an individual.

Finally, instead of concluding, we will repeat once again that pseudoscience should not be exaggerated. They can be fun, entertainment, a small indicator of what you need to do, but in no way should they be the basis of your life and actions.

Just have fun. Astrology, numerology, and all similar fields are primarily for that. And if you want to go deeper, do that with a professional who will know how to guide you through the whole process.