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7 Famous Celebrities Who Are Really Good Blackjack Players

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One can say that blackjack is among the most played card game worldwide. The game’s technical aspects have received recognition. Most people believe that people who enjoy playing blackjack are either card smart or they are geniuses. This is not accurate, though. Blackjack is a fun card game that everyone can play.

Playing it does not need being a genius. Online casino has recently gained popularity due to the advent of online casinos. Since the online casino industry has expanded, the game has become more and more well-liked. If people cannot visit a casino, they can play this card game at https://www.casinous.org/online-blackjack/.

However, you will be surprised to know that several celebrities love playing blackjack. So, it is not only common people; celebrities also love to test their luck at this game. Let’s find out who they are:

1. Ben Affleck

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Ben Affleck is a household name when discussing celebs and blackjack. It is no secret that he enjoys playing high-stakes casino card games. The Oscar-winning actor is renowned for his poker skills, and in 2004 he proved his talent by taking home the California Poker Championship. However, Affleck’s passion for blackjack has captured the public’s attention, mainly when he plays alongside his close buddy Matt Damon.

There are rumors that Ben Affleck was banned from the blackjack tables at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino because of his excessive winnings. You will be surprised to know that in a single sitting, he won $95,000. Later, Ben acknowledged that he had spent considerable time studying card counting and sophisticated blackjack tactics.

2. Matt Damon

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When Matt Damon was undertaking research for his movie Rounders, he became interested in blackjack. Matt and Ben Affleck are best friends and share their love for this game. They play at high-stakes blackjack tables in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. They always enjoyed the Hard Rock Casino in Florida.

This is the place where they had one of their most notable gambling encounters. They had taken about a million dollars in all in one night. Matt Damon undoubtedly picked quite a few tricks from Ben Affleck, but he has also kept improving. According to a rumor, he also engaged in cryptocurrency gambling and achieved significant financial success.

3. Paris Hilton

You can afford to splurge with a considerable bankroll at Paris Hilton. After all, she has a sizable fortune, and playing blackjack doesn’t require her to be exceptionally skilled. She has this liberty! However, she is not a shabby player. She might appear on page three, videos, but she has also gained a name as a blackjack player after winning $50,000 in a single session.

Due to this, many casinos have made her the face of their establishment. So, you can see her as the face of several casinos, especially online, and she even gets paid a hefty amount to make an appearance at the land casinos.

4. P Diddy

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Hip-hop celebrities frequently frequent casinos in Las Vegas because they enjoy the glamor and glitter that come with success. Diddy is one famous person who is constantly near a high-limit table. The well-known rapper has a natural gift for singing, but it also turns out that he is a skilled blackjack player.

He also gave a performance at Harrah’s in Atlantic City as the casino was introducing a new variety of blackjack tables by the venue’s pool. He was the first to put a bet on their table and displayed impressive playing skills. It is also because he has a real passion and love for the game.

5. 50 Cent

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50 Cent is a famous American rapper; however, he is now an entrepreneur too. He enjoys massive popularity as people love his music, and he has also been into some controversy. 50 Cent leveraged his celebrity to increase his riches after the start of his musical career and made every investment he could. He is among the wealthiest people in America. So it’s hardly unexpected that he spends his fortune in the casinos across the country.

He claimed that the game is only worthwhile if you stand to gain or lose a significant amount of money. He is known to wager $70,000 in just one setting.

6. Michael Jordan

This basketball icon, frequently acclaimed as the most outstanding player, is also an avid blackjack player. He is also famous for losing and winning millions of dollars in a friendly game of golf. In fact, he is ready to bet on anything, any game you can name. Betting in sports is one of his biggest passions; however, he seems to have no preference and will wager on any game he plays. There is a rumor that his momentary switch from basketball to baseball was because he was suspended from NBA as he was wagering on basketball games.

7. Frank Sinatra

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Frank Sinatra was a well-known performer frequently seen in Las Vegas casinos. However, he has a reputation for playing haphazardly at the blackjack tables. Even though he wasn’t always successful during a game, the dealers of write-off his losses frequently excused him since he would bring large crowds of enthused admirers who were glad to see the celebrity at the tables. Well, the game might bring out the best in celebrities; they often sometimes bring out the bad aspects too.

The same happened with Frank when he frightened a blackjack dealer into modifying the rules because of his history of taking the game nearly too seriously. The casino was penalized $250,000 for the gaming violation in 1984.


Summing up, several Hollywood A-listers and celebrities make millions of dollars from their starring careers, and a sizable portion of that money is spent on extravagant mansions, expensive cars, private aircraft, and other upscale items. But some stars have a lot of money to spend, so they might try their hands at blackjack and even win additional money. Understandably, these movie stars would like gambling, given their enormous riches. And, of course, they should be able to let off steam!